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Why outsource your billing processing? 

By keeping your billing in-house you incur the:

  • Expense of your billing system (the initial investment as well as continuous updates and support costs)
  • Employee salaries, benefits, health insurance, and staff training as well as payroll taxes, workmen’s compensation and liability insurances
  • Computer maintenance
  • Expense of supplies and postage
  • Cost of administrative office space and phone lines
  • Higher call volume
  • Slow receivables/Lost revenue
  • Replacing your experienced billing staff! 

**Let us handle these, so that you can focus on your patients’ care! 

When you outsource your billing to BMMS, you have the confidence of knowing your claims are being handled by knowledgeable staff who understand procedural and diagnostic coding, and navigating the insurance maze. You reduce your costs and increase your cash flow.

Our staff follow changes in regulations, coding, and HIPAA compliance and keep you informed. We have a team-based approach so there is always someone available to answer provider and patient inquiries. Every provider’s A/R is reviewed continuously to keep it below the standard. Our combination of medical billing knowledge and follow through on all of your insurance and patient billings maximizes your reimbursement.

This allows you and your staff to focus on your patient quality care instead of worrying about the hassles of insurance companies.

Increase the satisfaction of your patients and staff!